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Permaculture is a design science that follows a set of ethics and principles. The three core ethics of permaculutre are Care for Earth, Care for People, & Share the Surplus. One of the main goals is to use smart design to minimize inputs and maximize outputs. In edible landscaping we look to combine a number of elements that all benefit each other and the system as a whole. Techniques for water harvesting, soil production, habitat creation, pest control and food production are some of the main components. By planting the right plants in the correct place we create a cohesive system that provides multiple functions for both the landscape, as well as those who use it, human and animal alike. 


Why grow your own food?

Health: Fresh, delicious, nutrient-dense food is what our bodies thrive on, so feed yourself with the best fuel from right outside your door. 


Wealth: Make a small investment now and pick free 'beyond organic' food for years to come!  Harvest your own food and reduce your annual grocery bill.


Earth: There is no doubt that our current lifestyles cannot be maintained on this earth for long. Do your part by shrinking food miles and your carbon footprint. Also, create healthy habitat for birds, insects, and soil to help regenerate what's been lost. 


Levon Kendall

Co-founder and CEO of FoodScape, Levon is an East Vancouverite with a long standing passion for the environment. A former athlete turned certified permaculture designer who has now embarked on a mission to nourish, rebuild, and transform the current food scape in his hometown and beyond. 

Who started Foodscape?

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