Our Services

We provide a "full service" edible landscaping experience, from small patio spaces to entire yards and everything in between. We begin with a thorough site analysis and provide a site specific design to maximize functionality and meet your needs as a client. This involves incorporating edible plants with traditional hard landscaping elements, providing you with a full "permaculture inspired" transformation that is both functional and abundant.

We utilize fundamental design elements such as fruit tree guilds, herb spirals, vertical growing and water harvesting techniques. When combined properly these elements reduce the amount of work needed and increase the abundance of the system. Over time your inputs decrease while your outputs increase.


Interested in growing food but unsure of where to start? We use permaculture, an integrative design science, to set up low maintenance and easy to sustain edible landscapes that suit your needs and desires. 






Part of our mission is to maximize the functionality of outdoor spaces so that they’re utilized more. Sometimes this means a new patio space, pergola or pathway. Combining these elements with beautiful greenery can create an outdoor space you’re sure to love spending time in. 


Enjoy the serenity of a pondless waterfall without the hassle of maintaining a pond. This is a great way to fit a water feature into your landscape without having to worry about predators eating your fish or having to regularly clean and maintain a pond.


Pondless waterfall




Worried about your plants drying out in the summer while you’re on vacation? We can help you set up a simple irrigation system for your growing food that ensures easy use and healthy plants. Water your plants from an app on your phone while sipping wine in the Okanagan or set up a scheduled timer you don’t have to think about. 


We can help you remove pesky overgrown branches or dead trees at an affordable price.   


tree services



Have a hard time visualizing what your space might look like? We can provide a 3d image of our design and adapt it to your liking so you can get exactly what you’re looking for.