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Parts of a water catchment system

Updated: Mar 13

The City of Vancouver had a deal on water barrels years ago and we purchased one. After that it sat in our yard waiting to be installed.

What we learned is that the rainwater catchment container has to be incorporated and integrated with the existing storm drain system on the property, as well as landscaping and strategic planting design.

Now that we have installed our first rain barrel, we are excited to develop an overall integrated rainwater catchment system that flows onto our purpose-built landscape to water our vegetable gardens.

We need to plan for overflow re-capture as we design our system. This means we need to know where is our sump on the property, and also, where are the storm drain cleanouts that can give us access to the main storm drain piping.

The cost of installing a rainwater catchment system goes beyond the cost of the water barrel container. Budgeting for the project needs to include:

  1. Scope - Define the work to be completed according to the SMART factors

    1. Specific - what exactly is going to be removed, purchased, excavated, installed, etc.

    2. Measurable - quantify the completed work - how many downspouts, water containers, what garden beds, how many connections back into storm drain system to capture overflow

    3. Achievable - are the resources available to ensure the work can be completed satisfactorialy

    4. Realistic - does the plan for work account for current conditions, risk factors, will the planned installation actually work on the existing site

    5. Time-bound - establish a three part time management system

    6. far horizon - when is the project expected to be completed

    7. milestones - what are the key objectives that need to be completed and in what order, when do they need to be finished

    8. near horizon - project check-in schedule to ensure work is progressing as expected or there are conditions that require a change order

    9. Schedule

    10. Budget

    11. Resources - Labour, Material, Subject Matter Expert

    12. Quality Standard

    13. Communication Management

    14. Risk Management

    15. Stakeholder Engagement

    16. Procurement Management

    17. Project Integration

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