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The True Cost Of Grass

Updated: Mar 28

I ain't talking about a dime bag, Those days are over! You might think that green grass only costs some time or money to cut, but have you explored the cost of missed opportunity? Environmental cost?

Let us dive deeper into this on the blog and you'll quickly see the true cost, if not your loss!!

So what is the true cost of turf lawn grass when compared with a permaculture landscape?

Philosophically, the turf lawn grass represents the anachronistic idea of human domination over nature. The lawn represents human control over natural life. The lawn only exists because there is a significant human intervention every year - aeration, fertilizing, pesticides, herbicides, mowing, watering, re-seeding, edging. The purpose of the lawn is to ensure there are no other life forms in the landscape to interrupt the flat, monochromatic lawn.

The permaculture garden represents a very different relationship between humanity and nature. The permaculture garden demonstrates a harmonious integration of human needs and nature. The permaculture garden gradually becomes its own self-sustaining ecosystem with minimal human intervention each year. The permaculture garden maintains healthy soil conditions, these healthy soil conditions sustain vibrant microbiological life, which in turn feeds and nurtures plants and animals. The permaculture garden is designed to absorb and retains rainwater, to weather extremes of drought and winter rainstorms. The purpose of the permaculture garden is to produce food, pollinator plants, to provide a variety of blossoms and colour to remind us of the miracle of growth and nature.

The true cost of turf lawn grass is our disconnection from the forces of nature and the living organisms that sustain life on earth.

We were not put here to dominate the landscape with flat, green, consumptive grass. We are here to bring the landscape to life, with a variety of shapes, pathways, beds, and plantings. It is this richness of texture, colour and nutritious food that brings us closer to nature, and, so, closer to ourselves.

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